Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization receives provisional certification to pursue formation for twelve rural counties

 Kevin Campbell, GOBHI CEO – 541-298-2101
Tammy Dennee, GOBHI Communications Director – 541-980-6887
Jonathan Nicholas, ODS Community Health, Inc. (ODS Health) Vice President – 503-219-3673

Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization receives provisional certification to pursue formation for twelve rural counties
Pendleton, Oregon – The Oregon Health Authority has granted provisional certification to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization (EOCCO) to form a Coordinated Care Organization encompassing twelve of Oregon’s rural counties including Wheeler, Gilliam, Sherman, Morrow, Umatilla, Lake, Harney, Grant, Union, Malheur, Wallowa and Baker. 

GOBHI and ODS Community Health, Inc. (ODS Health), the partners forming the EOCCO, are pleased to receive this provisional certification and now undergo preparations for the next phase of the process which involves a “Readiness Review.”  The Readiness Review will require the EOCCO demonstrate engagement with providers and hospitals in the twelve county service area’s healthcare communities and how that engagement has resulted in policies and procedures that will shape how care is provided to all Oregon Health Plan members in the service area.  The twelve county area spans more than 50,000 square miles and is home to approximately 36,000 Oregon Health Plan members. 

Upon final approval, the EOCCO will begin providing service on September 1, 2012. 

 “The EOCCO will provide a different way of providing care for members in the Oregon Health Plan,” said Sean Jessup, ODS Health Medicare and Medicaid Programs Manager. “By forming the EOCCO, both ODS Health and GOBHI will work within the service area to bring new models of care that are patient-centered and team-focused.” In addition, the EOCCO will be governed by a partnership among local healthcare providers and community members. “

Kevin Campbell, GOBHI CEO, stated the EOCCO is committed to delivering better care in Eastern Oregon. “Our commitment is providing better care, with better outcomes,” said Campbell. “When we achieve better care and outcomes, we also achieve savings for these Eastern Oregon communities.” Once savings are achieved, each Eastern Oregon community will be able to determine how to reinvest those savings back in their communities for continued enhancements.
GOBHI has a 15-year history as a mental health organization with a proven track record of serving the patient efficiently and effectively. Campbell stated, “Oregonians who choose to reside in rural communities deserve quality healthcare that addresses all needs of the patient starting with quality prenatal care.  Patients who receive regular care are ultimately in better health and require less healthcare in the emergency room setting. The bottom line is investing in the less expensive care results in savings for the long-term.”
ODS Health has been serving Oregonians for more than 55 years. ODS Health has been nationally recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the quality of their Oregon PPO plan, achieving an accreditation status of commendable.  ODS plans to bring that same focus on patient quality to the EOCCO partnership.
The EOCCO is in the process of securing members of the Community Advisory Committees.  If you are interested in participating in a Community Advisory Committee, please contact GOBHI at (541) 298-2101.  Additional information regarding the formation of Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon is available on line at


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